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While the Benemerenti Medal is a rare honour awarded by the Pope to members of clergy or laity for service to the Catholic Church, it is a source of great joy and pride for our parish that two of our parishioners have received this award.

One is Jimmy Whelan; our much-loved, long-serving (22 years) and now retired sacristan.   Jimmy’s contribution to our parish over the years has been immense.  He is pictured with current parish priest, Fr. Peter Reilly, previous parish priest Fr. Paddy Madden, and previous parish chaplain, Fr. Padraig Coleman R.I.P.


The other deserving recipient of this award is Nuala O’Toole.   Nuala has been a faithful servant of this parish since its foundation and has been involved in various ministries and on various active committees over the years.   Equally happy with a “Martha” or a “”Mary” role, whatever she undertakes gets done.   She has always been an enthusiastic, positive, dedicated and inspirational and above all a faithful figure.   She is pictured with our parish priest, Fr. Peter O’Reilly.

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