Parish Contacts

Parish Priest

Fr Peter Reilly

Presbytery 1

1 Ballycullen Avenue

Firhouse  Dublin 24

Phone: (01) 4599855

Mobile in case of emergencies:

087 9746831



Hugh McCahill

Parish Secretary

Jackie Martin

Assistant to Secretary 

Ann Murphy

Parish Office

Ballycullen Avenue, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Monday - Friday

9.30.a.m. - 4.00.p.m.

Phone: (01) 4524702



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Parish Voluntary Groups




Volunteer Groups Helping Our Parish to Work for You

(Many Hands Make The Light Work in Our Parish)




  1.  Eucharistic Ministers – Distribute Holy Communion at Masses, bring Holy Communion to local Nursing Homes on Sundays and at times 

to the housebound in the Parish.

Further Information - Ministers of the Eucharist


2Ministers of the Word – Proclaim the Word of God and lead Prayers of the Faithful at Masses and other liturgical events.

Further Information - Ministers of the Word


3Choir – Sings at Sunday morning 11.00.a.m. Mass. 

Further Information - Choir & Barbershop


4.  Liturgy Committee – Seeks ways to enhance the celebration of  Mass and other liturgical events and plans and organises

special liturgies, e.g. during Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi etc.

Further Information - Liturgy Committee


5.  Bethany Group – Supports people or families in the Parish that have suffered bereavement.

Further Information - Bethany Bereavement Support Group


'6.  Hospitality Committee – Organises and prepares refreshments at parish events throughout the year.

Further Information - Catering/Hospitality Group


7.  Small Christian Community  Prayer Groups – Meet in fellowship to study scripture, to discuss it and pray together.

Further Information - Small Christian Communities


8.  St. Vincent de Paul Society – Visits families and individuals in the local area who ask for assistance and offers them financial support

and friendship (all visits are confidential).

Further Information - Society of St. Vincent de Paul


9.  Legion of Mary – Members give at least two hours per week to serve Christ in the sick, marginalised and needy. 

Further Information - Legion of Mary


10. Communications Group – Working to update communications using current technology, including updating this website - ongoing.


11. Fundraising Committee – Organises events to raise funds necessary for the parish to carry out its mission.

Further Information - Fund Raising Committee


12. Finance Committee – Advises the Parish Priest with the Parish Finances and advises in the Financial Management of the Parish.

Further Information - Finance Committee  


13. Church Envelope Collectors – Collect Family Offering Envelopes in street or local area to enable and support the work of the Parish.

Further Information - Family Offering Team


14. Care of the Church Group – Vacuum, clean and polish in the Church so it continues to be a beautiful place appropriate for worship. 

Further Information - Care of the Church Group


15. Church Flower Arrangers – Beautify the altar area of the Church with appropriate flowers for the celebration of Mass and other occasions.

Further Information - Flowers/Altar Cloths


16. Church Garden Volunteers – Upgrade and maintain the Church Gardens so God’s creation can enhance our place of worship. 

Further Information - Gardening Team


17. Pastoral Council – A Leadership Group working with the Priest for the good of the Parish.

Further Information - Pastoral Council


  18. Theatre Social Group - This group contributes to community spirit by enabling people to meet in a neutral venue - a local theatre -

for a chat and a pleasant night out. 

Further Information - Theatre Social Group


'If you would like help from any of these groups, or to help them in their work, please contact the parish office.