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February 2018 – Lip Sync Battle

This was an amazing event thanks to the very hard work of our fundraising committee and its many helpers! It took place in the City West Hotel on Saturday 24th February, 2018, starting at 8.00.p.m. It was a great fun night for all who took part and for all who attended in support. The professionalism of M.C. Ronan Collins added an extra dimension to the event as the various acts performed (mimed) very popular songs with such seamless synchronisation that it really appeared that they were singing live. If there had been an award for courage it would surely have gone to Max, the gardener, whose moustache and beard were in hilarious contrast to the risque costume he wore to perform a typically energetic Tina Turner song.

It was indeed a great night’s entertainment for all of the very large attendance, as well as having an additional community-building dimension. It is worth remembering too that proceeds from this novel fundraiser are being shared between Firhouse Church Refurbishment Fund, Pieta House and Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross and Blackrock, – worthy causes indeed.

The fact that a bus was provided to take people to Citywest and back, making it safe for those who attended to enjoy a drink, was thoughtful and, no doubt, contributed to the size of the audience. The winning performers, a group entitled “The Spice Girls” won the Brian Murphy perpetual trophy. Our sincere thanks to the organisers, performers, chief sponsor – Super Valu Firhouse – and everyone who attended and bought tickets.

Lenten Service

There was a Lenten service with quiet prayer time and some shared scripture readings and reflections on Monday nights during Lent. This took place in the meeting room behind the altar in the church, from 8.00.p.m. to 9.00.p.m. each Monday.  Lectio Divina is a simple easy spiritual exercise for a group where we:

  • read, listen to and reflect on a text from God’s Word in scripture
  • perhaps share with the group whatever strikes us from the text, but even if we are not be inspired by what strikes others
  • consider what the text meant for Jesus’ disciples and listeners 2,000 years ago, and
  • consider how it might apply to our lives today

We hope those who attended each week found it beneficial. We think they did.

February 2018 – Yes to Life

Yes to Life visits Firhouse – On Monday evening 20th February two representatives of   “Yes to Life” gave a really good interesting presentation, lots of accurate information, clear compassionate answers to hard questions, and a strategy and free materials to help defend the lives of mothers and babies.  The event, in the room at the back of the church, was not well attended but those who were there were enthusiastic and found the event very enlightening.   Perhaps you will be hearing from them in the near future – there is a lot at stake.

Alpha Course

We began an 8 week Alpha course on Monday evenings in late January in the newly refurbished room at the back of our church building, for adults from Firhouse, Knocklyon and beyond.

Alpha is a series of weekly events that explores some of the basic truths of the Christian faith – “Who is Jesus?”, “Why Did Jesus Die?” and “Does God Heal today?” Alpha is relaxed, non-threatening, low key, friendly and fun. It runs in 169 countries. Over 20,000 have attended Alpha in Ireland and millions have attended worldwide.

Alpha is suitable for any people who ever wanted to take a little time out to explore the meaning of their life? Or ask questions about the Christian faith? Or who may be just curious about what it’s all about. It is an ideal course for spiritual renewal – to help adults make the transition from faith learned as a child to a vibrant, active, adult Christian faith for today.

The Alpha course was attended by a small number of enthusiastic people from Firhouse parish and beyond. The course concluded just after Easter.

Phase III of Refurbishment Work Complete

Internal painting and carpeting of our church took place this Summer/Autumn and feedback from parishioners about this has been very positive.  Alongside this our green-fingered and hard-working church garden volunteers have been busy improving as well as maintaining the four gardens.  As a result our entire sacred space has been transformed for the better.

The cross on the canopy at the main door of our church is now discretely illuminated at night – a light shining in the darkness. This is welcome since our church is not as recognizable as churches of more classic design and was hard for visitors to find at night.

The LipSync fundraising event to help meet the cost of church refurbishment, as well as supporting Pieta House and Our Lady’s Hospice, was held on Sat. 24th February at 8.00.p.m. in Citywest Hotel and was a great success.

While the Spice Girls won the event, the star of the show was Max.

Ahead of the referendum on the Right to Life of the Unborn, our Easter Booklet featured the following:

Prayer for the Child in the Womb

Lord Jesus, You are the source and lover of life.

Reawaken in us respect for every human life.

Help us to see in each child the marvellous work of our Creator.

Open our hearts to welcome every child as a unique and wonderful gift.

Guide the work of doctors, nurses and midwives.

May the life of all mothers and all babies in the womb be equally cherished and protected from all harm regardless of past or present circumstances.

Please forgive all men and women who ever pointed a finger of blame rather than a hand of support, making it more difficult for women with crisis pregnancies to have and keep their babies.

In your compassion, please also forgive those women who, for want of that support or for other reasons, have had an abortion.

Help the people of Ireland who vote in the referendum this summer to uphold the uniqueness and sacredness of every human life, from the first moment of conception to natural death.

Give us the wisdom and generosity to build a society that adequately supports all mothers and babies.

Together with Mary, Your Mother, in whose womb You took on our human nature,
help us to choose life in every decision we take.

We ask this in the joyful hope of eternal life with You, and in the communion of the Blessed Trinity.


The Three Irish Tenors

As a fundraiser we had a very successful and well attended THREE TENORS Concert in the autumn.

It was a very enjoyable and uplifting evening of music.

A great night was had by all.

Hospitality Group Activities

Craft Fair before Christmas in Scoil Treasa in the summer.
Film Show – “Maudie” – in the Resource Room in the autumn.
Cake Sale for the parish church refurbishment fund in the autumn.

Parish of Firhouse

Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel